Go Mouthwash Enters into Partnership with Bond Collective

Go Mouthwash Enters into Partnership with Bond Collective

Go Mouthwash is excited to announce that its latest mouthwash unit, Go Mouthwash, has partnered with Bond Collective, a chain of thoughtfully curated work environments. All Bond Collective's co-working hub locations will be supplied with Go Mouthwash's innovative and portable mouthwash packets.

Bond Collective meticulously curates boutique work environments that offer an unparalleled experience. They specialize in hospitality and design, where every Bond Collective employee and amenity is a resource that helps their members and subsequent businesses succeed. Their various locations authentically represent the larger surrounding communities and exemplify a quiet sense of luxury, allowing their client's work to take center stage.

This partnership will give customers fresh breath and the confidence to carry on with their day-to-day activities. Go Mouthwash believes that having fresh breath can make a significant difference in people's lives, and that's why they chose to partner with Bond Collective.

"We are delighted to tell you that our Go Mouthwash unit has recently signed a partnership with the prestigious co-working space Bond Collective. We have been looking for a project that could catapult our mouthwash in front of a much wider audience, and we are grateful that Bond Collective has placed its trust in us. Bond Collective has a large customer base across the United States. Placing our mouthwash in their locations will ensure massive exposure and reach for Go Mouthwash," said Karen Loper, co-founder of Go Mouthwash.

Go Mouthwash, a newcomer to the oral hygiene scene ensures long-lasting fresh breath with its advanced deep cleansing formula and cool mint flavor. One key feature that keeps the latest mouthwash ahead of the competition is that it cleanses and fights bad breath without leaving an overpowering sensation. The mouthwash's mint flavor helps keep your breath fresh for hours.

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