At GO Mouthwash, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond easily-recyclable sachets alone. Through our partnership with TerraCycle, we are taking an active role in the recycling process. As an award-winning waste management company with brand partners around the world, TerraCycle strives to eliminate waste through custom recycling solutions. 

Our partnership supports TerraCycle’s upcycling efforts, turning our single-use mouthwash sachets into bags, office supplies, décor, and more. The possibilities of what can be made are endless! For fresh breath you can feel good about, GO Mouthwash is the name to know. Read more about our process below. 

One Process. 

Zero Waste.

Responsible, eco-conscious consumers are at the heart of our TerraCycle partnership. That’s why we’ve introduced a simple, four-step process to encourage recycling. 

1. Collect

Round up your used GO Mouthwash sachets and place them in any box or envelope. To further reduce your carbon footprint, we recommend selecting right-sized shipping parcels. 

2. Measure

Record the weight and dimensions of the box or envelope. Please use inches and pounds, and be sure to visit USPS’s website for measurement specifics. 

3. Submit

Fill out the form below to submit your box or envelope’s dimensions. To prevent voided shipping, please double-check for accuracy before submitting. 

4. Label

We’ll send you a pre-paid USPS shipping label for you to send us the used sachets. From there, simply attach the label then drop it off at your local blue collection mailbox or post office. 

That’s it! Once we receive your used GO Mouthwash sachets, TerraCycle can continue their planet-saving efforts as they pursue their mission to eliminate the idea of waste. 

360° Support

Did you know that we accept shipments from individuals and corporate partners alike? Start making meaningful progress toward your brand or organization’s sustainability goals today by incorporating sachet collection into your process. We support airlines, offices, hotels, and beyond. Be sure to visit our wholesale page for more information. 

Submit Your Dimensions

Your contribution matters. Whether you have a few dozen or a few thousand used GO Mouthwash sachets, every shipment counts. Get started by filling out the form below. Once we have your measurements, we’ll send over your pre-paid USPS shipping label as soon as possible.