Go Mouthwash Launches in 869 Walmart Retail Locations

Go Mouthwash Launches in 869 Walmart Retail Locations


Innovative Go Mouthwash to Launch

in 869 Walmart Stores This Month

Single-use mouthwash packets preferred by people needing the assurance of fresh breath at a moment’s notice 

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – February 3, 2023 – The mother and son creators of Go Mouthwash, an innovative liquid mouthwash packaged in single units, are thrilled to announce their product will become available in 869 Walmart stores later this month. 

To date, Go Mouthwash has been available for sale at luxury hotels, dental spas, elite private airlines, health clubs and preferred restaurants. The popular mouthwash is a best-selling product on Amazon and, in a few weeks, will be sold in the oral care aisle at hundreds of Walmart locations.

Austin Loper was unsatisfied with gum and breath mints to keep his breath fresh during college classes. The idea was discussed with his mother, Karen Loper, an expert packaging engineer. She took the unique idea of packaging refreshing liquid mouthwash for single use in easy packets, because they felt fresh breath equals confidence.

As entrepreneurs, the Lopers wanted to design a product that provided “the ultra-refreshing feeling you get from mouthwash without having to carry around travel-sized bottles.” Explained CEO and co-founder, Austin Loper, “You can not slip those clunky, complimentary bottles into your back pocket when you are rushing out the door. We needed something easy and portable, so we came up with Go Mouthwash.”

Go Mouthwash certainly stands apart from other products in its category. The product is convenient to carry and its dye-free formula has been tested to not stain clothing if accidentally spilled or splattered. The package is TSA-approved and fully recyclable, while the mouthwash is gluten-free; does not contain, artificial colors or harsh ingredients; and is 99.6% alcohol-free and not tested on animals.

As the perfect companion for corporate climbers, outdoor adventurers, healthcare heroes, bar hoppers, cigar smokers, coffee drinkers and world explorers, Go Mouthwash is made for ultimate convenience and next-level confidence no matter where life takes you.

For more information and to see which Walmart locations will be carrying Go Mouthwash, visit gomouthwash.com/pages/store-locator.


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