Go Mouthwash Partners with Snack Magic to Take its New Travel Mouthwash International

Go Mouthwash Partners with Snack Magic to Take its New Travel Mouthwash International

 As the masks come off, everyday routines are back on - along with postponed vacations and special events. For Americans eager to make up for time away from their loved ones and favorite activities, that means life is busier than ever. No one appreciates that more than entrepreneurs and adventure junkies, Mother and Son team, Karen and Austin Loper, who last year launched a travel mouthwash, called Go Mouthwash. The product has enjoyed a positive welcome from its consumer audience along with a growing list of distributors. This week, its growth potential ratcheted up, thanks to a partnership with SnackMagic – a worldwide distributor of custom gift boxes with customers that include megabrands like Amazon, Google and Pinterest.

According to its founders, Go Mouthwash deep cleanses and helps fight dry mouth and bad breath using Mint-flavored natural ingredients that are alcohol-free. It was created to provide a simple, effective oral care solution to those constantly on the move and comes in individual-use leak-proof, pocket-ready packets that are tear-open, do not stain and adhere to TSA guidelines. And while the Lopers say practicality and convenience are at the heart of the product, the health benefits may be equally important. In fact, clinical studies have shown using mouthwash can eliminate bacteria that cause gingivitis, and improve your oral health.

“Go Mouthwash is a unique product that aims to make life simpler and healthier. We are thrilled that SnackMagic recognizes the benefits to its customers of our better-designed, better-for-you single-use mouthwash. They are an innovator in their industry and their vote of confidence means a lot,” said Karen Loper, co-founder. 

“We live a very active lifestyle and continually had challenges finding a travel mouthwash that met our needs. We finally decided to take advantage of our down-time during the pandemic to fill the gap in the marketplace,” explained Austin Loper, co-founder. “We spent months working on and testing the Go Mouthwash formula and packaging and didn’t rest until the specifications met our high standards for user-friendliness, adaptability, flavor and overall effectiveness. Those have really paid off and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Go Mouthwash is woman-owned business and rapidly expanding its distribution partnerships. It can also be purchased in quantities of 5, 20, 80 or 800 packets on the company website at gomouthwash.com.

“After the past year and a half of COVID, we think it’s especially important to make getting back to life as easy and stress-free as possible,” she added.  “Go Mouthwash is our contribution to that effort.”

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