Go Mouthwash partners with Vistar. Single packets of alchohol free travel mouthwash.

Go Mouthwash Partners with Vistar: Powering Fresh Breath On-the-Go

We're excited to announce a game-changing partnership between Go Mouthwash and Vistar. This collaboration aims to transform your oral care experience, making fresh breath and oral hygiene more accessible and convenient than ever.

As the leader in wholesale distribution across various sectors, including Vending/OCS, Retail, Theatre/Concessions, Hospitality, Campus Retail, Office Supply, and Corrections, Vistar brings unmatched credibility and reach to this partnership. Their commitment to quality and reliability aligns perfectly with our vision at Go Mouthwash.

Go Mouthwash specializes in individual, sanitary, upscale mouthwash packets with a clear, alcohol-free formula. These single-use packets address the inconvenience and hygiene concerns often associated with traditional mouthwash bottles. Slip a Go Mouthwash packet into your pocket or bag, ensuring you're always prepared for a quick freshen-up on the go. 

You'll find Go Mouthwash where you need it most -  vending machines, offices, micro-markets, airports, college campuses and local convenience stores.

Cheers to fresh breath with Go Mouthwash and Vistar by your side!

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