Go Mouthwash teams up with UNFI Community Marketplace this November

Go Mouthwash teams up with UNFI Community Marketplace this November

September 23, 2021: Top skincare brand Exershield Skin Care LLC is glad to announce that its latest mouthwash product Go Mouthwash, has entered into a partnership with UNFI Community Marketplace this September. As part of the partnership, UNFI Community Marketplace will list Go Mouthwash on its online marketplace to connect it with its broad range of retailer-customers.

The partnership will be made official on September 29, 2021. 

North America’s leading food wholesaler, UNFI launched its online Community Marketplace in April this year. The marketplace represents a digital B2B e-commerce platform, especially for rising brands seeking to expand distribution opportunities with UNFI customers. The latest marketplace has modernized the way businesses interact with the grocery wholesalers by enabling ordering of emerging products on UNFI’s Easy Options site that are otherwise currently not accessible at UNFI distribution outlets. The new virtual B2B Marketplace also allows suppliers convenient shipping of products directly to retailer-clients located all over the US. 

“We are thrilled to share with you all that our Go Mouthwash unit would soon be entering into a partnership with the UNFI Community Marketplace. UNFI is a prestigious name, and its recently launched Community Marketplace is pioneering a new way of digital distribution connecting emerging brands with customers. We are glad that such an esteemed body like UNFI has believed in us and has given us a berth in its widely frequented Community Marketplace. A huge customer base backs the latest B2B e-commerce platform, and our presence on the marketplace will enable us to take Go Mouthwash to a broader scale of retailers located all across the country”, stated Karen Loper, who founded Exershield Skin Care LLC with her son Austin Loper. 

Per the statements of Mrs. Loper, UNFI Community Marketplace makes it convenient for suppliers to list their products on the site. There is no strict restriction about warehousing, logistics, or volume minimums. Besides, the listed suppliers have full control over inventory, orders, shipping, and pricing.

“Another big reason to partner with UNFI Community Marketplace is that the portal offers a breezy shopping experience for our retailer friends. There is no constraint on order sizes and/or frequency which makes shopping easier and more flexible for our retailer friends.”

Go Mouthwash comes with an innovative travel-friendly packaging that makes it a convenient on-the-go mouthwash. Unlike regular mouthwashes that come in large bottles, Go Mouthwash is available in small portable sachets, which are easier to carry anywhere. Most importantly, the product is TSA-approved, and hence users can carry it in their flights. This is something that is not always viable with regular mouthwashes.

“Our Go Mouthwash is designed with deep cleansing properties that not only cleans your mouth thoroughly but also helps to keep bad breath and oral problems like plaque at bay. You will love its cool minty freshness, which will keep your breath fresh for a long time. And of course, its TSA-approved easily portable packaging means it can easily be your regular travel buddy.”


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