5 Reasons this Travel Mouthwash belongs on your Packing List

5 Reasons this Travel Mouthwash belongs on your Packing List




Whether you venture outdoors a lot, have a moderate to severe case of wanderlust, or you simply travel often for work, this GO travel mouthwash belongs on your packing list! Here are 5 reason why:

  1. Clean single units. Cleanliness is more important than ever.  No more sharing small bottles of travel mouthwash.  Single unit mouthwash is super convenient and helps prevent germ spreading. 
  2. Easy to pack. Easily tuck these single unit travel mouthwash packets in your pocket, backpack, work out bag, and the list goes on... TSA approved size. 
  3. Freshen-up anywhere.  Go Mouthwash is great for those in between moments when you can't exactly brush and floss.  Whether you are flying, riding a train, backpacking, or taking an Uber you can stay confident throughout your whole journey.  
  4. Clear non-staining formula. Even in a worst-case scenario, your clothing won’t be stained in case of a spill because the mouthwash contains no artificial dyes or colorings. It’s much less likely you’ll have a spill because the perforated tears at the top make it so you don’t have to battle with the packaging. The sachets are durable and leak proof.
  5. Not tested on animals and gluten free. 

Go Mouthwash’s is 99.6% alcohol free, gentle, mint-flavored liquid that cleanses your mouth and helps fight embarrassing bad breath.  No need to chomp on gum to freshen that breath on the go.  Try us out!


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