Go Mouthwash enters into partnership with Beauty Bridge

Go Mouthwash enters into partnership with Beauty Bridge

September 23, 2021: Exershield Skin Care LLC is pleased to inform that its latest mouthwash unit Go Mouthwash has recently entered into a partnership with leading online marketplace Beauty Bridge. As part of the partnership, Beauty Bridge has enlisted Go Mouthwash on its e-commerce platform under the category of Personal Care and the subcategory of Oral Care.

The partnership was made official on September 21, 2021.

Beauty Bridge is a renowned B2C online marketplace where consumers purchase products directly from the manufacturers or brands.

“We are thrilled to share with you all that our Go Mouthwash unit recently signed a partnership with esteemed B2C eCommerce marketplace Beauty Bridge this month. We have been looking forward to finding a platform that can expand the reach of our mouthwash before a broad range of customers and we are glad that Beauty Bridge has put its faith in us. Beauty Bridge commands a huge customer base located all across the USA and our listing on the platform ensures a huge exposure and reach for Go Mouthwash”, stated Karen Loper, the co-founder of Exershield Skin Care LLC with son Austin Loper.

Beauty Bridge features an easy shopping interface for consumers. The eCommerce website not only lists a product with product description but also with usage guidelines and ingredients. Beauty Bridge has listed various packages of Go Mouthwash on its website. 

“We care for our consumers and we wanted a customer-centric online marketplace for Go Mouthwash. We are elated to partner with Beauty Bridge since it offers a convenient, safe, and relaxing shopping experience for our end-users. Besides, the site has offered detailed information on each listing of Go Mouthwash to ensure an informed shopping decision for the shoppers.”

A fast emerging name in the oral hygiene scene, Go Mouthwash assures long lasting fresh breath with its advanced deep cleansing formula and cool mint flavor. One of the major aspects that keep  the latest mouthwash ahead of the curve is that the product cleanses and fights bad breath yet without any overpowering sensation. The mint flavor infused in the mouthwash helps to retain fresh breath for hours.

Another key USP of Go Mouthwash is its TSA-approved travel-friendly packaging.

“Our Go Mouthwash is strategically packaged in tiny sachets that you can easily carry in pockets or purses to enjoy oral cleansing even while on-the-go. No longer would you need to waste money on big mouthwash bottles that cannot be carried along while you are out. Another major problem with these traditional mouthwashes is that you can’t carry them on flights. So, every time you fly to a new place you need to buy a new bottle even when you have a whole bottle of mouthwash at home. But, you can bid adieu to these issues with our Go Mouthwash travel-friendly sachets. Our packages are TSA-approved and hence you can always carry them with you on flights.”

For more information, please visit https://gomouthwash.com

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