Go Mouthwash Partners With Care Crate Co. to Give Thousands of Corporate Employees Fresh Breath

Go Mouthwash Partners With Care Crate Co. to Give Thousands of Corporate Employees Fresh Breath

Care Crate Co.’s mantra is to share a meaningful gift that makes a difference in the life of both the sender and recipient. Since 2020, this trailblazing brand has partnered with like-minded companies to provide products that truly give an experience. Today, Go Mouthwash partners with Care Crate Co. to offer its innovative solution to fresh breath on the go. This November, minty packets will go into every corporate snack box. Together, these two civic-minded companies are making people happy and spreading positivity by giving an experience with a thoughtful present.

Care Crate Co, once seen on Fox and USA Today, is joining forces with Go Mouthwash to bring fresh minty breath to the boardroom. Through this collaboration, Go Mouthwash is a pleasant bonus for this gift-giving season. The new executive gift replaces the mints, gums, and sprays that fade quickly with a lasting freshness.

The portable mouthwash is the perfect staple for travelers and sales associates in TSA-approved packaging. Brainchild of mother-son dynamic duo Karen and Austin Loper, Go Mouthwash is a pint-sized oral tool that fits in a pocket, purse, or gym bag. At just .37 fluid ounces per packet, Go Mouthwash is mega-sized confidence in a tiny pouch.

According to Bloomberg Law, workplace odors like bad breath are serious issues that can spiral out of control. In fact, the Society for Human Resource Management receives thousands of inquiries each year, and a spokesperson says, “the issue of odors is of ‛high interest’ to human resources professionals.” But now, Go Mouthwash can tame toxic talk with a simple minty solution.

The Michigan-based company is reimagining face-to-face interactions with an artificial, dye free, alternative to oral care. Go Mouthwash is knocking out bad breath with a proprietary product that has no artificial colors or harsh chemicals. Now that companies are returning to in office business, customers, and colleagues alike are expecting fresh breath for those close contact meetings. Go Mouthwash is spreading cheer and reigniting conversations throughout the halls of establishments like Fidelity Investments, and Meta. The Go Mouthwash packets are also found in upscale hotel chains like the Tapestry Collection by Hilton, and the Four Seasons Resorts.

This woman-owned business is certified by the nationally recognized Women’s Business Enterprise and believes diversity is the key to success. With a focus on building community and supporting local do-gooders, these portable mouthwash sachets are the perfect gift and donation item for local charities. In fact, the Go Mouthwash team is pledging to give away 100,000 easily recyclable packets by 2023.

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