Wellness Experiences: Single Use Mouthwash Packets vs Bulk Mouthwash Dispenser

Wellness Experiences: Single Use Mouthwash Packets vs Bulk Mouthwash Dispenser

The concept of has blossomed into new heights in the last decade. From spas, gyms, hotels, and lavish dining, there are so many ways to elevate your mind and participate in an oasis of your own. These days, wellness spaces have made sure to think of everything from heated towels, toiletries, and even mouthwash! But when it comes down to refreshing your breath for the day ahead, there’s a lot of talk about which strategy works best. Typically, there are two options provided to enhance your oral hygiene. One way is with a Bulk Mouthwash Dispenser or with Mouthwash Packets. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both, we wanted to get to the bottom of these fan favorites and see which one best works in various facilities. After all, everyone deserves the opportunity to enhance their wellness, beginning with a fresh breath.

Read the differences for yourself and see what your customers would love for their experience!


After a vibrant workout or a relaxing sauna, there’s no denying that you feel like a million bucks when you walk out. There’s an elevated feeling associated with such a healthy lifestyle, and the only way to keep this health kick going is with a good rinse of mouthwash. But reaching for a cup to use a public Bulk Mouthwash Dispenser doesn’t sound like the best idea anymore. Although it’s great to have access to mouthwash when you need it, those disposable cups are left in the open and can be contaminated with germs. In order to keep the health streak going, it’s best to use a system that has no access to others, like Single Use Mouthwash Packet. Each packet contains enough mouthwash for a deep cleanse that you can trust.  


While getting a clean rise is convenient, you may need to tackle your breath on the go. There are far too many important life events that call for you to feel great, look great, and, most importantly, have great breath. With Single Use Mouthwash Packets, you never have to worry about not having access to freshness. Whether you’re traveling, having a garlic-heavy meal, or just need an extra boost of confidence, single-dose packets can be used whenever and wherever. With incredible potency in every packet, there is less of a chance that mouthwash has been sitting in the same contaminated container for months or, worse even years inside a Bulk Mouthwash Dispenser.


Although you may want to, you can’t carry your bathroom with you everywhere you go. But you can carry what matters, and one of those is good oral hygiene. Just like any other wellness experience, you want to be able to access your fullest potential. With Single Use Mouthwash Packets, there’s a unique experience that can take place when you need it the most. Ignite the confidence you need to start your day or approach a daunting task by using an individualized packet that pumps you up for anything that comes your way.  


Some may say you can put a price on fresh breath, but when it comes down to mouthwash convenience, there’s certainly a dollar amount. Typically, a Bulk Mouthwash Dispenser is more cost-efficient than Single Use Mouthwash Packets. If a business is looking to incorporate this type of amenity into their space, it may be best to go with bulk and save some money in the long run. Depending on your business needs, a dispenser can be great if you constantly have an influx of people using the facilities. As with any business, it’s always best to see what you can afford before planning. Especially if you’re in a particular industry, you have to consider the needs of your customers.

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